Best Cheap Bunk Beds with Stairs and Desks: Top Product Reviews and Buying Guide for 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to I’m Nancy, currently a full time mother of two living in a college town while my husband goes to graduate school. My hunt for cheap bunk beds started as soon as we moved into a two-bedroom duplex. We were looking to make the most of the limited space we had available and the idea of getting a bunk bed with desks and stairs seemed really appealing.

The first time my boys ever saw a bunk bed was during our stay at a family friend’s place. I was amazed to see how a piece of furniture appealed to them so much! They would literally jump up and down with excitement when I alerted them of their bed time. Well of course they goofed around, and that too, at least for a good hour 🙂

I’ve built this website to share my experience and genuine opinion for choosing the best bunk bed for yourself or your kids. I hope you find my insights helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cheap Bunk Beds, are they worth it?

Cheap does not mean compromising on quality. You’re getting a piece of furniture for your kids, you need something solid that will last you a long time. Fortunately, there are many hidden outstanding deals online. Unbeatable prices and unchallenged quality. I’ve zeroed down on some really affordable bunk beds that you can see below:

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Besides, what is the best thing about shopping online? Well, you don’t have to pay heavy retail prices like you would at the store! Trust me, I save a ton of money because I order everything online. Other than getting a bang for your buck, online retailers also have awesome return policies. When it comes to bunk beds, you want to find the best deal with respect to price and safety. You can spend some time reading reviews and get a really good idea of what the actual product quality is.

The bed you see first on the right is what I personally have for my kids. I would encourage you to browse through all my reviews to find a bunk bed that fits your needs. All this research was done while I was in a buying mode earlier this year, hopefully my analysis will aid you in making an informed decision.

Moving forward, I’d like to talk about certain variations that you would encounter throughout your search. But first, check out this cool DIY bunk bed video!

Bunk Bed with Stairs

As the title says, bunk beds with stairs are basically an upgrade from the standard ladder format. People usually go for stairs because it’s fairly easier to get on the top bunk. Now, these beds are a bit more on the high end side, kind of fancy, and they look absolutely gorgeous! Other than doubling the space in your room, you’re also adding a beautiful piece of furniture that will help enhance the look and feel of your child’s bedroom.

Without further ado, check out my top picks for Bunk beds with stairs below, and let me know what you think.  On a side note, these bunk beds are often purchased by adults as well. The stairs are a great relief for people who find it hard to climb up on a ladder.

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Bunk bed with Desks

Time flies and kids grow up quick. School kicks in, and there’s work to do. In a busy household, what would be a better place for your child other than his or her bedroom to sit down, work on projects and enjoy some quality study time.

To make the most out of the space you have available, you can get a bunk bed with desk. This will primarily save you money as you will be buying a bed and a desk with a single furniture purchase. It will also save you space as the desk is integrated into the bunk bed framework.

This design feature is not common and you do have to be creative enough to think of it, but since you have come to this website you may want to consider this addition to your room. Check out my top picks for beds with desks below:

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Choosing the Right Bunk Bed

A study carried out in 1988 revealed that exchanging uncomfortable old beds with new comfortable beds would result in an average of 42 extra minutes of sleep, quadrupling the amount of extra sleep one would have if they used over-the-counter sleeping pills. Simply stated, the first step to improve the quality of your sleep is to ensure you and your loved ones are sleeping on the right beds.

Bunk Beds are an amazing way to completely transform a small room, creating a fun, active play area that will boost your children’s learning and bring them closer together. While buying a bunk bed is a great idea, the actual process is typically more complicated than other bedroom furniture. It does require a little bit of thought before you dive right in.

What type of bunk bed do you need?

When you hear the word “Bunk bed”, your mind is immediately drawn to the typical image of two single beds on top of each other. Yes, that is still how bunk beds are made today but they come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from a single above a double to a bed above a desk area. The wide variety of options available make bunk beds an ideal choice for children of all different ages.

In some cases, bunk beds don’t come with mattresses. Therefore, make sure to buy the right size mattress for the bed you are purchasing. If your children are picky (like mine are) you may consider taking them to the store with you to try out different beds. However I would still recommend not paying the retail pricing. Just come back home and look up the same bed online, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save!

cheap bunk beds
Just a few bunk beds all in one place. This is a prime example of how effective and cheap bunk beds can really be. Even though they started making them for convenience, bunk beds have evolved with time into something much more.

What style are you going for?

Deciding on the style is arguably the most important part in purchasing a good bunk bed. Bunk beds come in several different styles and sizes. They also have fancy decorative ones for kids these days. Finding the perfect bed that will really bring your children’s bedroom to life is easier said than done. It’s best to have a chat with your children and ask what they would like in their room.

Always Safety First!

Make sure that the upper bed is properly secured. It must have guardrails on all sides! Some manufacturers build bunk beds for kids with guardrails only on one side thinking that the other side of the bed will is going to be pushed up against the wall. WRONG! A good bunk bed always has guardrails on all four sides!

Depending on how old your children are, there are a lot of safety add-ons available to completely child-proof their bunk bed. Along with safety rails, a proper ladder is essential when dealing with younger children, as is education the on the various safety risks associated with bunk beds. Always check to make sure that the ladder won’t break from the weight of the one climbing it.

Also, don’t forget to measure the distance between the mattress and the guardrail. Five inches of guardrail over the surface of the mattress will prevent the person sleeping on the top bed from waking up in the middle of the night laying on the floor. Finally, do not let your child sleep on the top bunk if he or she is under six years old.

What Size Bed do you Need?

bunk bed with stairs
This is your typical bunk bed with stairs. Easy look at feel, can be used anywhere from dorm rooms, to prisons. We offer reviews on the highest quality bunk beds at extremely affordable prices.

As we mentioned above, beds come in all different shapes and sizes. While most people naturally assume that they are best in small rooms, they can also look great in larger rooms.

Before you make your purchase, quickly measure the room to make sure that you have enough space to put the bed where you want. It’s best to leave around two feet at the side of the bed so that the ladder is easily accessible, and another two above the bed, so your children don’t end up bumping their head on the ceiling in the middle of the night.

Finally, think of how much time your kids will spend using the bed . Remember that children grow pretty fast. If you are purchasing a small bed,  it may become useless in a few years. You will end up back at the store ready to pay another couple hundred bucks. Kids grow! So, if you plan on to keeping the same bed for a while, get one that will last. Your wallet will thank you later! However, if this is not a concern, choose the size that is suitable for the room and for the kids.

Posture and Body

Beds are the main focus for any bedroom. Hence, bedroom furniture should be chosen to reflect an individual’s tastes and preferences. Conversely, bear in mind that your children will spend a third of their life in bed. It is only wise that you must chooses the right bed that is comfortable to their sleeping posture and for their body. You will know that your kids are due for a new bed when they  start waking up with headaches, or when they start suffering from unexplained leg cramps and back aches.

Build Material

Make sure that the material used is strong and durable, something that will last you for the years to come. A good bed can last you up to 10 years. However, it is important to note that firmness does not necessarily equate to better sleep, but it helps keep the mattress in good shape.

Who is the Bed for?

If you are buying a bed for your child, you should look for longevity and versatility. On the other hand, if you are choosing bedroom furniture for your guest room, you can opt for something less durable but more fancy. This is simply due to the fact that those beds will not be used regularly. Therefore, they will last longer as compared to beds for other rooms that are used on a regular basis.


Wardrobes, book shelves, study tables, chairs and work tables are other welcome additions to bedroom furniture. Therefore, when purchasing any furniture, it is advisable that you look for comfort instead of beauty. Get functional bedroom furniture that won’t cluster and crowd the room. Beds can be customized to create space, a quick example would be storage shelves on the beds with the aim of making the bedroom look and feel spacious.

Future Considerations

It may very well be the case that later on you’d want to separate the bunk beds and put them in separate rooms,  instead of having them on top of each other. If this is something you may go for, make sure that the bunk bed has this feature.

Another useful tip is to install a light in the wall,  next to the upper bunk bed. That will really help  the person sleeping on the top bunk if he wants to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Regardless of what bed you end up choosing, the right choice of bed is not determined fully by the type of material that makes them. Rather, it is the one that will enhance, support and properly align your spinal cord. It is a bed that will reduce pressure and appropriately support your hips and shoulders, not forgetting the spinal column, when your sleep posture is perceived to be in proper balance. Remember, your bedroom is your own sanctuary, hence it should be comfortable and welcoming.

The internet is the best place to start your search due to the large number of options it can give you along with extremely affordable pricing. A purchase of a bunk bed from your local area will cost a lot more than one bought online. Also ask your friends, there is nothing like getting a recommendation from a well trusted friend when making a purchase that might cost you hundreds of dollars.

Hopefully this article has given you an insight into the various factors associated with buying the perfect bunk bed. It’s important to keep the points above in your mind at all times when purchasing a new bed, as it’s easy to forget things like height, and end up with a bed that is too tall.